Eiichiro Oda’s Blast for Christmas 2011

Another epic chapter has been released in One Piece wolrd on the 14th of December ‘2011. “Two Things You Need to Know” is the latest chapter’s title, Chapter 650. And yes, Oda surprised all the One Piece fanatics once again! A chapter which is truly significant to remember. A chapter full of twists and revelations towards OP’s New … Continue reading

Before the 2-year Time Skip

  When the SHC (Straw Hat Crew) got separated and ended up on different Islands. This significant happening made the crew a lot more determined and had also made them embrace and protect their captain, Monkey D Luffy’s dream of becoming the future King of Pirates.     These are the lines they’ve said towards their captain; aiming … Continue reading

Straw Hat Pirates vs Blackbeard Pirates Theory

These both pirates are destined to be meet. We all know it and predict it. Even in the very start of Blackbeard Pirates appearance in Mock Town. We know it for sure, “damn, these guys surely would be the ultimate villain party for Straw Hat” So you will hear what I want to say. Welcome … Continue reading

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