Theory of Zoro’s SMALL Scar

Okay! I’m against Sharingan Theory.
But we can see Zoro has a scar.
His eyelid is closed. Think!
Eyelid is naturally closed when someone try to strike this people’s eye.
We don’t see any scar else than the vertical scar.
Here’s I think what happen.


Question about Joyboy, Poseidon, and Pluton

Fact from Chapter 649
1. Joyboy from surface, lived in Void Century, 800 Years ago.
2. Fishman Island Poneglyph is an apology letter for mermaid princess at that time.
3. An apology for breaking his side of promise with fishman island.

Straw Hat Pirates vs Blackbeard Pirates Theory

These both pirates are destined to be meet. We all know it and predict it. Even in the very start of Blackbeard Pirates appearance in Mock Town. We know it for sure, “damn, these guys surely would be the ultimate villain party for Straw Hat” So you will hear what I want to say. Welcome … Continue reading

Is it 3 New Nakama?

What the hell are you talking about? Calm down… Who’s the candidate? What else you want to talk beside that stupid “Sabo is alive” Theory? Oh yeah, Oda break my theory just by one page, Chapter Cover of Sabo running with Ace and Luffy. But if you want to have more feast, then… have a … Continue reading

Proof or Speculation of Define One Piece

Take a guess. 1. There are people that hold The Will of D 2. A nation destroyed by alliances 3. Those alliances become World Government 4. Rio Poneglyph written to give the history of the scene 5. Rio Poneglyph make to be understand by The Will of D. only 6. Rio Poneglyph divided into Guidance … Continue reading

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