Unknown Battle of Marineford

Detective Constant
Episode 2,000: Mystery of Tobi’s Face Case solved!

Naruto: Kogoro, I’m curious who is behind Tobi’s mask?
Tobi: ….

KM: I’ve been thinking it out, but I can’t solve the problems. So I think i’ll let this kid give me a little hint. I, Kogoro Mourstupid (KM) is way too genius for solving the Tobi’s face case! I’ll let this kiddo solve it for You, Idiotic Naruto

DC: Tobi’s face. Hm.
Can you see that Tobi is untouchable, and he’s been summoning many things from realm world? You can see he call undead.
What do you think when person is untouchable? DEAD? yes. Tobi is dead and actually puppeted by Sasori.

KM: Wait a minute! Sasori is DEAD!

DC: Yes, Sasori Sama is dead! he’s dead because of his fight with Shanks Le Roux.
They’re fighting before Sasori appear as Akatsuki, the reason is Sasori so mad when he knows Shanks take his identity.
They need to know who’s the real person that need to show up with Red Hair and decide to solve it in the background of Marineford near Sabaody Archipelago.
Unfortunately Shanks whom in hurry to end some war already become Yonkou and make him collapse with Shanks’ Haki Color of Conqueror.
After Shanks leave the battleground, Moriah comes up planning to take his shadow. Shikamaru, Ino, and Choji comes to the battleground.
Moriah shocked, he’s moving backward.
Doflamingo appear and help Moriah with his puppetry. Shikamaru takes Sasori’s shadow to attack Moriah, Moriah summon his General Zombies and Surprise Zombies.
Ino is surprised and screaming so scared and bump into Choji whom eating snacks.
Choji’s snacks are scattered all over, and he chase Ino that running from battleground.

KM: So Shikamaru now alone?

DC: Yes. He’s alone, but Ino try to contact Kakashi Sensei to come and help them.
Kakashi sensei says okay and running with Guy to confront the Shichibukai as A Ranks Mission.
In the meantime, Shikamaru have running out his pace to stop the Zombies.
After the Zombies down, Roronoa Zoro appear at the beach with Perona in tiny boat. Perona is so mad when they land on the wrong island.
Zoro is boring with Perona’s lecture and decide to sleep.

KM: What the hell Zoro and Perona doing at the background of Marineford?

DC: Zoro try to reach Sabaody Archipelago with a tiny boat he made.
While Perona is take care of Zoro because of Mihawk’s demand.
Okay, since Zoro sleeping now, Perona chose to explore the beach to find a boat.
She met with Shanks and ask whether they allowed to jump in to Red Hair Pirates’ ship.
Shanks says no and Perona is so mad commanding his Negative Hollow to attack Shanks.
Le Roux already near Perona with his gun on her head and Benn Beckman is next to her too. While Red Hair Pirates negotiate to Perona, Ichigo appear and kill the hollow with his New Vizard Form, leaving one hollow only.
Urahara came out from a hole in the sky, running with Chad, Rukia, Orihimee Inoue, and Uryu Ishida and Renji Abarai.
Inoue awake from his falldown, and she is so happy looking the famous Marinford and chose to take picture with her friends.
Renji so afraid to take picture While Ishida design cloth for Rukia, and Inoue.
Chad says no thanks, way too afraid that he’ll look lame and Urahara hit Ishida when he’s trying to measure Urahara’s body.

KM: Leave the travelling story of Bleach King of Hiatus now! back to the topic!

DC: Sheeesh, I actually want to tell you the naked part.

KM: That’s good -drooling-. But we need to finish the Tobi’s Mysterious Face! I’m running out of time attending Yoko Okino hearing your theory. *smack*

DC: Ouch, that’s hurt. okay, okay..Perona running to other side of beach and he found Dragon sailing near the beach.
There are prisoners of Impel Down in his ship. Perona flying toward negotiate with Dragon and succeed.
So Perona awakening Zoro and ask him row the boat to Dragon’s ship. Back to battle of Shikamaru, Dragon felt the presence of Shikamaru’s exhausting with his Haki’s Color of Observation.
Dragon ask Perona to pick up Shikamaru with earing piece as a payback.
Perona jump to the beach and find him.
At the battleground, She’s seeing Shikamaru so exhausting.
She attack Moriah while asking for his forgiveness with her Hollow.
Moriah down and pick Shikamaru to Dragon’s ship.

KM: HEY! where the hell is tobi’s face part??????

DC: Relax, we know Sasori is dead now.
So Doflamingo try to attack Moriah so he can use Sasori. Doflamingo distracted by voice of Pirates escaping from marinford.
At that time, Kakashi and Guy appear and attacking Moriah.
But Urahara and Ichigo’s friends stop them and go back to Karakura town. Doflamingo sees that Moriah just disappear without bringing Sasori.
Doflamingo take Sasori’s body and fill it with Perona’s negative hollow that left alone. Sasori awaken and decide to obey all Doflamingo’s order.
Doflamingo order Sasori to summon Usopp from Boin Archipelago. Fat Usopp summoned while grabing Heraclesn neck.
Seeing the situation, Doflamingo puppeting Usopp to lift up Little Oars Jr. to the sea. Oars went down, Usopp get muscled in no time.
Doflamingo was planning to use Usopp’s mask but he sees a better plan. He ask Sasori to take Usopp back to Boin Archipelago.
Doflamingo decide to take Heraclesn’s mask and be a part of Akatsuki. Doflamingo now become Akatsuki as Tobi and keep changing his mask before he goes to sleep.

KM: Then Tobi is Doflamingo whom inspired by Usopp and Heraclesn’s mask?

DC: Yes! The culprit is Doflamingo! You are the culprit! Tobi: AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA….how about i’m being untouchable??

DC: You are untouchable because you, Doflamingo, goes to Urahara Kisuke’s shop and steal from Urahara the last Mod Soul Pills, Kon!
When You, Doflamingo are going to touched by Naruto, you’re replacing your soul with Kon in Kon’s Lion form.
And when Naruto confused, you’re back to your own body before your Akatsuki’s cloth fell down!

Tobi: AHAHAHAHAHAHA….that’s quite a story you have there! Unfortunately I still have business with my fellow Black Organization. I’ll tell you about The Moon Eye Plan later. Meet you at the war, Naruto!

KM, DC, Uzumaki Naruto: Wait a minute!!!!!

–Tobi escape and the 4th Ninja’s World War going to be declared!–


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