A Theory: Pluton is Thousand Sunny

A theory by LaXus Jan Ü Lyk

My another theory about the ancient weapons:

I believe Pluton is Thousand Sunny. Shocked? Nah, that’s because I think Pluton before was a warship made by the wood Adam. And as we all know, Thousand Sunny has the same wood as well. English: Soldier Dock System of Thousand Sunny...Disagreeing because Pluton is an ancient weapon that can destroy an entire island? That’s because I think Thousand Sunny hasn’t been the what we called ‘ship of our dreams’, as stated by Franky. And if Franky can finish that, it can be the ship that can change the world by going to Raftel.

I believe Uranus is the ability of Luffy English: monku D luffy pic

to turn people into allies and ability to hear all things, although it is still raw. That’s because of this 3 basic factors:

  1. It’s because D has been popular to some people in One Piece that are not naive. And I believe Will of D has what they call like an offspring of people who can have that ability just like Roger and Luffy. But not generally genetic, just like a curse or whatever.
  2. It’s because of Mihawk’s line- ” It’s not some sort of special power, but he has the ability to make allies of everyone he meets. And that is the most fearsome ability on the high seas…”
  3. I believe what Otohime said about there will come a time where the mermaid princess will be guided by a man. And I believe it is Luffy.
Having all of this components including Shirahoshi (because I believe Shirahoshi will join the Straw Hats eventually) will make the StrawHat Pirates the crew that will change the world. Having all the ancient weapons at hand, it will disintegrate the ravaging tides of this never ending turmoil of OP World. And I made this theory because somehow, Luffy has this uncanny resemblance of Roger. And most of the known characteristics of Roger is in Luffy, and nakamas of Roger has seen that.

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Read this theory and it’s full post here


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