Unknown Battle of Marineford

Detective Constant Episode 2,000: Mystery of Tobi’s Face Case solved! Naruto: Kogoro, I’m curious who is behind Tobi’s mask? Tobi: …. KM: I’ve been thinking it out, but I can’t solve the problems. So I think i’ll let this kid give me a little hint. I, Kogoro Mourstupid (KM) is way too genius for solving … Continue reading

A Theory: Pluton is Thousand Sunny

A theory by LaXus Jan Ü Lyk. His another theory about the ancient weapons:
I believe Pluton is Thousand Sunny. Shocked?
Nah, that’s because I think Pluton before was a warship made by the wood Adam.
And as we all know, Thousand Sunny has the same wood as well.

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