Words from Oda at Jump Festa 2012

Yes! Oda is going to the stage. Do you think Oda would reveal some mysteries or hint?
18 DECEMBER 2011

This is not a mistake. The name is Jump Festa 2012 and it take places on 18 December 2011.
This is what happen on 17 December 2011, made by Redon APForums.net

If you are there witnessing Oda, please leave comment! *over excitement*

Jump Festa 2012 was held on December 17-18th in Makuhari Messe International Convention Center. One Piece will have 2 Stages (15:40 – 16:30 japanese hour both of them): first one 17th December with Mugiwara seiyū and second one 18th December with the same seiyū and Eiichiro Oda.


And this is information that we’ve got:

  2. Oda promises he won’t run out of ideas.
  3. Oda confirms New World would be available on screen next year.
  4. Playstation 3 Gold Edition displayed at the booth. According to Unozawa, the game was just going to be called One Piece Musou. The current title of the game took shape when comic creator, Eiichiro Oda, changed it himself. The Treasure Box edition will include a visual book for this game, an original soundtrack CD, and 15 custom pins. A special Gold Edition lets players own a golden PS3 with matching One Piece themed controllers; an extra downloadable theme is included with this boxed edition. It will be released on March 1 2012 for PlayStation 3 in Japan
  5. Consumers who pre-order the title can obtain two downloadable serial codes. One of them allows buyers to obtain nine Straw Hat custom themes for their Playstation 3. The other code can be used to obtain a rare figurine in the Mobage social game, One Piece Grand Collection. Nakajima has said that each character model is being remodeled from scratch to have a system faithful to the One Piece world. He noted that the game is being targeted to fans who have watched theOne Piece anime, but he expects the game will appeal to a wider audience. Both producers remark they are working hard to preserve the quality expected from a One Piece work, trying to keep the heart of Oda’s work intact to the best of their abilities.






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