Before the 2-year Time Skip


When the SHC (Straw Hat Crew) got separated and ended up on different Islands. This significant happening made the crew a lot more determined and had also made them embrace and protect their captain, Monkey D Luffy’s dream of becoming the future King of Pirates.



These are the lines they’ve said towards their captain; aiming to become stronger, aiming to become better than what and who they are. .

Chopper to Luffy: It was Luffy who finally took me out to sea. All I could think about was keeping up. Did I really manage to do anything for him? I don’t ever want to go through that again. It must’ve been harder for you, Luffy. Thanks to you taking me on as a crewmate. I don’t care what anybody else thinks of me anymore. I’d do anything to help you, even if it meant becoming a real monster! Luffy, I promise you.. I’m going to get stronger!!!




Sanji to Luffy: (flash back from Red-leg at Barratie) You keep a close eye on him, Sanji. There are times that even if you cover your whole body in weapons, they won’t stand up to a single spear thrust from the heart.) When we meet again, Luffy, I will be ready to provide you with the support of the world’s greatest cook so that you can become pirate king! I’ll survive this hell!!





Nami: The lives of my entire crew are on the line! I’m their navigator! When they’re sailing across those waves, I have a huge responsibility to uphold! I have to be ready to take them anywhere the captain decides to go! And Luffy is determined to become pirate king, so I can’t be satisfied with staying at the level of just any old navigator either!

Haredas-san: That sounds like one fine captain you have there, to inspire a devotion from his crew!

Nami: I can’t help it. Haredas-san: You can’t?

Nami: I can’t. I mean, he’s always talking higher than anyone but he doesn’t know a thing about actually sailing the ocean! He doesn’t have any sense of danger. He always does the craziest things. He’d die if I wasn’t there to keep an eye on him. He’s not exactly bright. He can be such a handful that’s why I have to be able to help him.




Brook to Luffy: You looked upon me without the slightest trace of fear and invited me to join your crew. You can’t imagine how happy that made me after 50 long years of floating aimlessly upon those seas. (flashback– Brook: My shadow was stolen from me by a certain man. Luffy: and what’s the problem with that then? I’ll just go and get it back for you!) You have no idea how glorious the sight was to my eyes. The 50 years I had spent praying for a miracle had truly been answered!




Robin to Luffy: Luffy, if I hurl myself into the wide world under your father’s guidance, perhaps I can become stronger. I had never before considered the desire to grow stronger for the sake of another.



Franky to Luffy: Luffy, you haven’t seen half of what Sunny can do yet! You’re the only one who can make the Sunny into a dream ship! I’ll hone my skills to make sure that the ship can survive even the roughest of adventures! So Luffy, let’s surpass them together, even the harsh waves of the new world!!






Ussop to Luffy: Somewhere.. Somewhere in my heart, just by looking at Luffy, somehow I always felt.. That this was a guy who could really just end up becoming the pirate king! But I was wrong. There are plenty of enemies out there that even he can’t deal with. Even Luffy can lose sometimes. He’s pushing himself too hard. He’s screaming out and that’s why he needs my strength on his side.. You just wait, Luffy, I’ll make sure you become the pirate king by becoming the true king of snipers!!!





Zoro: I’m begging you.. Teach me the way of the sword!

Mihawk: I am disappointed in you, Roronoa Zoro. You mean to ask for teachings from your enemy? Know your shame. Leave this place! I have no further interest in you. It would seem that the expectations I had on you were too high. (Zoro still kneeling and bowing his head down) Must you continue? It pains me to watch!

Zoro: I want to become strong!

Mihawk: Defeated by those baboons, unable to even escape the sea, and after all that, you have the nerve to come crawling back here. I have nothing to teach to likes of you!

Zoro: The baboons, I have defeated! Yours is the only head I have to take. But I am not fool enough to believe that I have any hope of defeating you here and now.

Mihawk: I don’t understand, if you still consider me an enemy, then why would you prostrate yourself before me and ask for my teachings? What purpose does this serve?

Zoro: So that I may surpass you!

Mihawk: Hahahaha~ You ask me to raise the swordsman who will take my life by my own hands? You are strange one for sure! Hmph.. Ridiculous notion. Your actions are nonetheless quite unsightly. It would seem that you have found a greater cause than  your own ambition. Ghost girl, tend to his wounds!– We can begin training only once your wounds are healed. (in his thoughts: Such clumsy man. Men like you will only ever choose to abandon their pride when it is for the sake of another.)


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